University of Redlands

The charge of the Steering Committee is to guide the university’s accreditation reaffirmation processes for the WSCUC, culminating in an Institutional Report in Fall 2021 and a comprehensive three-day site visit in Spring 2022.  The University was last reaffirmed in July 2014, for a term of eight years.  

The group will commence with its tasks in October 2019 and will continue for approximately two years. Membership includes faculty and students in governance leadership roles across the University and Schools/College, and staff in institutional research, planning, and finance.

Steering Committee Membership (AY 2019-2020)

Kimberley Coles, Director of Assessment and Accreditation Liaison Officer

Pete Bergevin, Representative for the School of Business Assembly

Nancy Carrick, Chair of Committee of Academic Planning and Standards

Paloma Hinojosa, Graduate Student Representative

Andrew Hollis, Director of Recreation and Student Affairs Representative

Mark Kumler, Senate President

Gregory Love, Chair of the Graduate School of Theology Assembly

Jacob Miner, President of the Associated Students of the University of Redlands

Cory Nomura, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration

Pauline Reynolds, Chair of the School of Education Assembly

Tim Seiber, Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences Assembly

Donna Stevener, Interim Vice President, Finance & Administration 

Yan Xie, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research