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Spring 2021 Virtual Brown Bag Series

The Hall Network is pleased to introduce its Spring/ Summer Virtual Brown Bag Series that highlights Hall Network supported projects and contemporary policy discussion. The Hall Network supports University of Redlands faculty scholarship and brings external policy experts to the University community. 

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February 24 from 12:00 to 1pm - “An Overview of the State of California Policy Outlook” with Alex Graves, Vice President for Government Relations and Thomas Vu, Vice President for Policy.

A panel discussion with two legislative/ policy experts on the legislative agenda for   California.  Hear AICCU staff member Thomas Vu and Alex Graves discuss the California state legislative agenda, with a focus on educational policy in the COVID era.



March 10 from 12:10 to 1pm -  “Deaths of Despair in the US” - Professor Greg Thorson, Hall Endowed Chair of Public Policy at the University of Redlands and student co-author Edison Forman.

Professor Greg Thorson, Hall Endowed Chair of Public Policy at the University of Redlands, and his student co-author Edison Forman, examine the wide variety of impacts of what demographers are calling the rapid increase in “deaths of despair” that the U.S. has experienced since the 1990s (Case and Deaton 2015). Thorson and Forman examine quantitative evidence of what is driving this despair and also evaluate impacts that the phenomenon is having on the broader politics and policy within the United States.


March 31st 12:00 to 1pm - “The Arc of Purposeful Leadership: Implications for Advancing the Common Good" – Dean Tom Horan

Dean Tom Horan has advocated for a vision of leadership aligned with purposeful leadership. Join us for a discussion that extends his prior work on leadership to connect leading to serving the common good. 


April 7th 12:00 to 1pm - “Examining Federal Legislation and Policy with US House Representative Aguilar”

Join us for a discussion of the federal policy response to COVID and systemic racism with our own Representative Aguilar of the US House of Representative.  We are thrilled to have Representative Aguilar join us for a discussion of federal policy.


Past Virtual Brown Bag Series 

Fall 2020 Events    

“Community Organizing to Advance Community”A panel discussion with three faculty who have been engaged in an Inland Empire Community Organizing Project for the past year. Learn about the project, how the project intersects with current social movements, and what comes next.

Presenters: Dr. Brian Charest, Dr. Mikela Bjork, Dr. Nicol Howard

“Polling and the November Election: Are Polls Accurate”

A discussion with political scientist Dr. Eric McLaughlin and Dr. Renee Van Vechten on polling and the 2020 November Election.

Presenters: Dr. Eric McLaughlin, Dr. Renee Van Vecten

“The History of Education Funding in California: Examining the Stories of Evolution”

The Hall Network has supported the work of Dr. Annie Knox and Paul Jessup to examine the history of education funding in California. Dr. Knox and Mr. Jessup will discuss their project, the evolution of K-12 school funding in California and what might be next for California Schools in the contemporary moment.

Presenters: Dr. Annie Knox, Mr. Paul Jessup

“Examining the Higher Education Response to the COVID19 Pandemic”

Meet the Hall Network Director and Faculty Fellows, and hear them talk about their project to examine higher education’s response to the COVID19 Pandemic. There project examines the impact to students, how institutions have responded, and the fiscal and operational shifts caused by the global pandemic of 2020.

Presenters: Dr. Andrew Wall, Dr. Adriana Alvarado