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Hall Network Activities and Services 


The Ken and Lynn Hall Network for Innovation and Policy was created in 2015 through a generous gift from Ken and Lynn Hall for the purpose of advancing policy work, broadly defined, at the University of Redlands and with its connected community partners. The Network is now beginning its sixth year, below are major activities of the Network that are in operation. 

For the University and our Community Partners

Fall 2020 Virtual Brown Bag Series - The Hall Network is pleased to introduce its Fall 2020 Virtual Brown Bag Series that highlights Hall Network supported projects and contemporary policy issues. The Hall Network supports University of Redlands faculty scholarship and brings external policy experts to the University community. To sign up to participate access information at:

Evaluation Services: For the first time the Hall Network Director and Faculty Fellows are partnering with community agencies, government and educational organization to conduct policy evaluation.  Our first projects are with the K-12 education in the form of examining special education policy and practice.  For more information contact the Hall Network Director, Dr. Wall at

For University Students:

Student Internships – This year the Hall Network will offer two types of internships for University of Redlands students.  The first internship type will be during the academic year working with a Hall Faculty Fellow on scholarship.  The second internship type will be for Summer 2021 and support a local, national or international internship opportunity for a University student.  Information and the applications for these internships can be found at:

For University Faculty:

Faculty Scholarly Seed Grant Request for ProposalsThis grant funds scholarly projects with policy relevance of faculty from the University of Redlands.  Proposals can be for up to $5,000 and are due November 1, 2020.  More information and the submission form can be found at:

Hall Network Faculty Fellow for 2020-2021

Dr. Adriana Alvarado has been named a 2020-2021 Faculty Fellow of the Hall Network.  Dr. Alvarado is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership and Higher Education where her work “on improving the conditions and increasing the success of historically underrepresented students, particularly with regard to persistence to the baccalaureate degree and to experiences with the campus climate for diversity at both two and four-year colleges.” Dr. Alvardo will bring her expertise to the collaborative research project that examines the dual pandemic of 2020.

Hall Network Leadership 

Dr. Andrew Wall will continue his leadership of the Hall Network for 2020-2021. Dr. Wall after stepping away from the Dean of the School of Education role in July of 2020 is now focusing his time on education policy, providing leadership to the Hall Network fits with Dr. Wall’s scholarly projects and service.  His current projects include working with the American College Health Foundation on the study of emotional well-being among students, faculty and staff in higher education; writing a book on higher education policy and leadership, and beginning a Hall Network collaboration to examine higher education institutional response to the 2020 dual pandemics of COVID19 and systemic racism.

Dr. Gregory Thorson, Ken and Lynn Hall Chair in Public Policy, will be collaborating with the Hall Network on education policy research during the 2020-2021 academic year.  Dr. Thorson will focus on examine how the pandemics of 2020 have impacted student success in education, and specifically whether the impact of the pandemic has extended inequality in student success for individuals of different backgrounds. 

The Hall Network Advisory Board is expanding beyond the core group that has provided leadership over the past five years. The expansion will include both additional University faculty and staff, along with community partner members. We are specifically seeking to diversity of Advisory Board.  Please feel free to express your interest to current members who include: Dr. Johannes Moenius, Dr. Steven Moore, Dr. Renee Van Vechten, Dr. Gregory Thorson, Dr. Steven Wuhs and Dr. Andrew Wall (ex officio).

Hall Network Communications

The Hall Network is also advancing it communication plan, with an in progress update to its webpage: We are also preparing a monthly newsletter that will include news about Network activities and policy resources.