University of Redlands

Ken and Lynn Hall Network for Innovation in Public Policy

The Hall Network seeks to contribute to public policy through scholarship, outreach, education and advocacy.  The Network brings together faculty, students, alumni and policy makers working across a diverse set of policy domains. 

Vision:  To enhances existing and build new capacity to explore contemporary issues related to public policy at the University of Redlands. Specifically, the network supports scholarly output, external funding, campus intellectual life, student engagement, and University involvement in issues of policy.

Mission:  Provide leadership, resources, and connections among existing policy activities of the University for the purpose of building a community that enhances scholarship, creates structure and support for external funding, brings visiting experts to the University, and engages students across the schools in contemporary public issues. The activities of the Hall Network should bring together resources of the University to influence local, regional, state, and national discussion of policy.

Our Work: The faculty, staff and alumni engaged in the Hall Network engage in multiple domains of policy work. 

  • Original Scholarship:  We conduct policy studies and support faculty scholarship related to public policy. 
  • Curriculum Development: We support course and new curriculum development related to students learning about    public policy. 
  • Student Development and Learning: We support student development and learning through competitive internship programs offered during the academic year and focusing on summer. 
  • Education and Outreach: We offer opportunities for discussion, dialogue and learning about public policy.  These include brown bag lunches and an annual symposium on public policy. 
  • Evaluation Services: We work with not for profit, health, education and governmental organization to conduct program evaluations to aid organizations in improving their programs and activities. 


Hall Network Activities

The Hall Network Advisory Group is pleased to announce a full slate of activities for 2020-2021.

For the Community  

Spring/ Summer Virtual Brown Bag Series - The Hall Network is pleased to introduce its  Virtual Brown Bag Series that highlights Hall Network supported projects and contemporary policy issues. The Hall Network supports University of Redlands faculty scholarship and brings external policy experts to the University community. Information can be found at:

Evaluation Services: For the first time the Hall Network Director and Faculty Fellows are partnering with community agencies, government and educational organization to conduct policy evaluation.  Our first projects are with the K-12 education in the form of examining special education policy and practice.  For more information contact the Hall Network Director, Dr. Wall at

For University Students:

Student Internships – This year the Hall Network will offer two internships for University of Redlands students.  The first internship will be during the academic year working with a Hall Faculty Fellow on scholarship.  The second internship will be for Summer 2021 and support a local, national or international internship opportunity for a University student.  Information and the applications for these internships can be found at:

For University Faculty:

Faculty Scholarly Seed Grant Request for ProposalsThis grant funds scholarly projects with policy relevance of faculty from the University of Redlands.  Proposals can be for up to $5,000 and are due November 1, 2020.  More information and the submission form can be found at:


Hall Network Faculty Fellow

Dr. Adriana Alvarado has been named a 2020-2021 Faculty Fellow of the Hall Network.  Dr. Alvarado is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership and Higher Education where her work “on improving the conditions and increasing the success of historically underrepresented students, particularly with regard to persistence to the baccalaureate degree and to experiences with the campus climate for diversity at both two and four-year colleges.” Dr. Alvardo will bring her expertise to the collaborative research project that examines the dual pandemic of 2020.


Meet the Director

Dr. Wall is the founding Director of the Hall Network.  In July of 2020 Wall ended his tenure as Dean of the School of Education at the University of Redlands, and is focusing on developing the Hall Network for Public Policy and Innovation.  His particular focus is on education policy and conducting evaluation with an aim toward program improvement. 

Wall joined Redlands in July 2014 from the University of Rochester in New York, where he was associate professor and department chair of educational leadership at the Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development. While at Rochester, Wall also served as the higher education program director and most recently as interim co-director of the Warner Center for Professional Development and Education Reform. Andrew F. Wall served as the Robert A. & Mildred Peronia Naslund Endowed Dean of the School of Education at the University of Redlands from July 2014 to June 2020. Dr. Wall is currently a Professor in the School of Education.