University of Redlands

Assessment plans and reports


Each degree program is required to develop and implement a plan to assess the degree to which students demonstrate mastery of the learning outcomes that define the degree. The plan should show how the program will assess all of their outcomes over a five year period and explain in detail how that plan will be implemented in the next two years. At the end of the year every program must submit a report on their findings and what actions they will take as a result; this report will be accompanied by an updated plan for the next two and five year periods. Curriculum maps must be deemed by the EAC to be at or above the "emerging" level for the "Assessment Planning" standard of the WSCUC Program Learning Outcome Rubric.

The EAC has produced the following templates for programs to use as they develop and report upon their annual assessment plans:

Assessment Plan Template

Annual Assessment Report Template


In the College of Arts and Sciences all students must complete the Liberal Arts Foundation (LAF) in order to graduate. The courses in the LAF endow students with the fundamental skills essential to effective learning and scholarship and challenges them to examine their own values and the values of society. The LAF Assessment Task Force oversees the assessment plan for this required curriculum. The full assessment plan and schedule of activities may be found here.