University of Redlands

R6 Humanities

Determine a future direction for Humanities at Redlands as “engaged liberal arts.” Identify optimal spaces for new initiatives in the humanities, including digital humanities.


Last update: April 11, 2017

Planned, pending resources; ** priority


Humanities Advisory Committee; CAS Dean Brown; Provost Ogren; Advancement team


  1. Revisit 2015-16 proposal in 2017.
  2. Lillian Larsen will identify individuals who could serve as a consultant to humanities faculty interested in offering spatial studies courses that would incorporate the humanities.  Lillian’s efforts will include discussion with the Humanities Advisory Committee, who can help in identifying other CAS faculty who can meet with the consultant and possibly offer future courses that would bridge the humanities and spatial studies at the University.



New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment


Goal/Assessment Metric

Strengthen liberal arts, specifically, humanities at the University.