University of Redlands

R5 Spatial Studies

Promote spatial studies education and community engagement via collaboration among all affiliate academic programs. Foster integration of curricular content, instruction in analytical methods, and opportunities for experiental learning via applications and community projects.  Develop capability to utilize GIS data and tools as a decision-support platform for internal operations and planning.


Last udpate: October 12, 2018

On course; ** priority


Director of Spatial Studies, S. Moore; Spatial Studies Advisory Council; Deans; Provost Ogren; Faculty; Advancement team


Spatial Studies and GIS education at Redlands advanced with the hire of Dean Horan in the School of Business. He joins colleagues across the University in fostering stronger ties to Esri, and is specifically developing a new GIS for Business degree. Additionally, we have created integrated marketing and outreach for all the GIS/Spatial programs, which distinguishes Redlands from most other universities. A new website has launched, too (


The Center for Spatial Studies completed its Annual Strategic Report.


The Center for Spatial Studies is a university-wide, program-support service. Direct operational costs are offset by the value of program support provided by Esri (university-wide software license, internships, student scholarships, and many other benefits to our students, faculty, and employees).

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Campaign Goal: $5M in endowment for (1) a faculty development fund to support use of digital medial in teaching and learning, and (2) operating funds to create collaborative physical and cloud infrastructure for spatial instruction and research (learning commons approach). Supplemental grant income to support new/enhanced program initiatives.

Goal/Assessment Metric

The Spatial Studies program provides fundamental support for courses in the Spatial Studies Minor, for faculty fellowships, for instruction and student projects in the MS GIS Program, and for maintaining our growing relationship with Esri.