University of Redlands

R2 Coordinated Planning

Continue coordination of master campus facilities planning, using the Facilities Project Review Panel.  Strengthen our capital and ITS planning processes.


Last update: April 26, 2018

In process; ** priority


Facilities Project Review Panel (FPRP) Committee; Trustees' Campus Planning Committee

Task Status

  • Maintain a campus building assessment platform (completed by VFA in May 2017), and use the system to assist with prioritization. The University can now use this data for planning and reporting.  Overall, the campus is considered in Fair condition. But 20 of the buildings are considered to be in Poor or Disrepair, and 23 are in Fair condition.  The remaining buildings are in Excellent or Good condition.
  • Staff from ITS and the Center for Spatial Studies are prototyping tools for analyzing our utilization of space, and the Facilities Project Review Panel uses a structured project rating system to rank and prioritize projects in conjunction with our capital and campaign planning processes.
  • Create a priority list of residence halls in need of renovation. Renovate dormitories by priority (Grossmont Hall was completed in May 2017).
  • Create prioritized list of major campus projects which will include building renovations, new construction, or removal of poorly performing buildings. Facilities Project Review Panel (FPRP) to complete initial project ranking and then update on a regular basis (ongoing - see process overview below).


Administrative time and studies or services TBD. There is an Implied need for capital funding to address buildings most in need of repair or renovation. Projects will be identified by the Facilities Project Review Panel with North Star as the decision compass.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment


Goal/Assessment Metric

Provides a basis for improving the quality of decision-making related to the maintenance and improvement of our campus and its facilities.  The VFA database will help us accomplish this objective.