University of Redlands

R1 Rail Station Planning and Construction/University Village Development

Prepare for the arrival of the passenger rail station through proactive and transparent planning.


Last update: May 9, 2019

On course; **** priority


President Kuncl


  • University Station.  We're working with architects to design our gateway plaza and a "pavilion" extension to the SBCTA station.
  • Arrow Rail Line.  Construction will start in 2019.  Service is expected in 2021.
  • University Village. The City of Redlands is drafting a Specific Plan which will govern our village development entitlement and establish requirements for infrastructure, architectural form/density, and community amenities.  We will hire a consultant to help us find the right development partners.


Master development funding via one or more partnership agreements. Interim funding over the next three years for preliminary planning and design.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Annual ground lease income.

Goal/Assessment Metric

Prepares us to understand the potential, feasibility, and cost/benefit of development options for the University Village.