University of Redlands

H6 Business Education

Beginning with a Business Education Summit in fall 2016 and the School of Business Dean’s search, envision and achieve a quality mission and integrated paths for business education of all sorts (including degree completion) which are well-coordinated between CAS, the SB, and the School for Continuing Studies (SCS).


Last update: February 20, 2019

Complete; **** priority


Provost Ogren; Business Education Working Group (BEWG); Deans; Faculty; VP Enrollment Dyerly; CFO Nomura; Advancement team


New program costs and advancing quality and "umbrella" identity for business education at Redlands will scale with program scope and potential for enrollments.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Increased enrollment as we:

  1. Build a stronger reputation for all Business and Accounting programs; and
  2. Create a pipeline for a 4+1 MBA for CAS Business Administration majors with School of Business.

Goal/Assessment Metric

We may achieve some efficiency in program delivery where we have capacity or can modify resource allocations.  We envision a more engaged and integrated program delivery via intentional collaborations among faculty in the College and the School of Business. Increased connections/pathways between CAS, SB, and SCS will increase quality for all.