University of Redlands

H5 Accreditation Actions

Achieve ACBSP accreditation for the School of Business.
Complete the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) mid-cycle review due in spring 2018.  The University needs to demonstrate progress towards a comprehensive assessment plan, a description of progress in reducing operational deficits while building of reserves, and a report on the shared governance system.


Last update: February 20, 2019

Complete; *** priority


Director of Assessment (currently vacant); WSCUC Report Committee; Educational Assessment Committee (EAC); Provost Ogren; President Kuncl


Successful Submission of the WASC Interim Report.  While we have not yet received an official written letter from WASC on our Interim Report, we were commended by reviewers during our January 19, 2019 teleconference debrief  for our clarity, timeliness, readable formatting, and overall responsiveness to the expectations provided to us for this review by WASC. 

Interim reports are required at a mid-point in the ten year review cycle.  The reports focus on specific issues of concern identified as part of the comprehensive review process, annual report submission, the complaint process, substantive change, or other interactions with the Commission.  The purpose of Interim Reports is to ensure that institutions continue to meet the Core Commitments and Standards with respect to the identified areas of concern.  These reports are peer-reviewed by an Interim Report  Committee.  Interim Reports and supporting documents that have been requested by the Commission or WASC staff are peer-reviewed by the Interim Report Committee (IRC).  The Committee meets in panels via conference call to review reports. Institutional representatives are invited to participate via conference call to answer questions or provide clarification.


$10,000 per external review.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Sustained enrollment.

Goal/Assessment Metric

Compliance with WASC recommendations is part of maintaining our accreditation and improving institutional quality.