University of Redlands

H1 General Education

Implement general education reform in the College, led by a Director of Curriculum appointed in January 2017.


Last Update: February 20, 2019

Complete; ** priority


The new Liberal Arts Inquiry general education has launched in CAS.


CAS Dean Brown; Faculty leadership


Launch of CAS General Education:  The new Liberal Arts Inquiry (LAI) general education curriculum is now in effect for this year’s first-year students. Preliminary analysis of “supply and demand” reveals that the College has sufficient LAI courses for AY 19-20, with the exceptions of Writing Foundation (WF), Writing Research (WR), and Oral Communication (OC) courses. While OC courses will likely be fulfilled by senior capstone courses, we are working to ensure writing courses are available to next year’s first-year and sophomore students.


Costs of general education reform should be covered by existing operations budget.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Contributes to overall value proposition for CAS.

Goal/Assessment Metric

The revised system should provide more options to students for customizing how they achieve their degree program requirements.