University of Redlands

C7 Student Recruiting

Recruit the best-qualified undergraduate and graduate students for the University.   Ensure we are prepared to support the students we want to attract.    Actively seek students who are from under-represented groups.


Last Update: February 20, 2019

On Course; ** priority


Provost Ogren; Deans; VP Enrollment Dyerly; Senior Associate Dean of Student Life, R. Robles; Student leaders; UCIC


2016 - 2020


Recruitment expenses are already incorporated in existing operations budgets. A long-term gradual evolution to a student body with stronger academic qualifications and more diversity by ethnicity/need implies a cost in discount rate and student services.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Over time, an increase in reputation can strengthen U of R’s position in the marketplace and contribute to a higher net tuition revenue/student.

Goal/Assessment Metric

An intentional shift to raise the quality of the UoR education/educational experience and thus enhance the market niche of the University, with the logic that in the longer term this shift in stature will aid recruitment and retention.