University of Redlands

C2 Redlands Promise

Offer a “Redlands Promise” guaranteeing four-year completion of BA and BS degree programs for qualifying CAS undergraduates by fall 2017.

Last Updated: October 12, 2018



The College has operationalized new tools to ensure Redlands Promise goals and improve student tracking and support.


Provost Ogren; Deans 


Concept approved and available for class of 2017 (complete). Redlands Promise begins fall 2017.  All faculty will have advising guidance to ensure success of the program.  Our Student Planning platform is now used for enrollment, and a transcript function has been updated to facilitate the record-keeping.

Assess effectiveness (2017-2020) using condition satisfaction metrics:

  • Major declared by Spring of sophomore year (knowing how many declare then would be illuminating)
  • Maintained GPA of 2.00 cumulative in major AND overall for four years
  • Completed 32 credits/year for four years (some may be less due to an accommodation)
  • No Academic Review Board sanction that slows progress toward graduation
  • No Student Conduct sanction that slows progress toward graduation
  • No delay in course registration due to late financial assistance application
  • No delay in course registration due to Student Financial Services account hold
  • Application for graduation be end of first semester of senior year


There is no substantial cost for this initiative.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Because this initiative builds our overall value proposition, specific revenue is difficult to forecast at this time.  Currently 90% of CAS graduates finish degrees in 4 years or less, but retention could rise modestly, 2-3%.

Goal / Assessment Metric

  • Enhance recruitment for students (and their families).
  • Assure access to required general education courses to meet their LAF and major requirements.
  • Differentiate from community colleges and UCs who cannot meet this promised completion goal.