University of Redlands

C1 Optimal Enterprise

Determine optimal enterprise: enrollment, size, and configuration of undergraduate and graduate enrollments.


Last Update: February 20, 2019

On course; **** Priority


Provost Ogren; VP Enrollment Dyerly


Strategic Planning in the Schools and College: In the Fall, CAS began its strategic planning process in earnest by asking CAS faculty, staff, and students to share the five characteristics they want to ensure the College exhibits now and in the future. Several CAS faculty and staff examined the key words that emerged and submitted draft mission statements making use of those concepts. Working with the CAS Dean’s Faculty Advisory Council, Dean Brown reviewed the submissions and created an initial mission statement that has been shared with all CAS faculty and staff. Feedback on the initial statement will be used to develop a final version of mission statement. The CAS mission statement will be the basis of the CAS Dean’s vision statement to be shared with the College later this Spring.