University of Redlands

A6 Endowed Chairs and Faculty Development

Achieve the campaign goal of an additional endowed chairs and/or visiting fellows.  Whenever possible, attract more faculty from under-represented groups in the United States and international scholars.  Grow funded opportunities for faculty research and development.


Last update: February 20, 2019

On Course, pending resources; ** priority


VP Advancement Josserand; Provost Ogren; Deans; Faculty leadership; UCIC


The recently-funded Johnston Chair brings our total number of endowed chairs to 22.

New/Enhanced Revenue or Endowment

Campaign Goal: $38.5M for 14 new chairs and 3 visiting scholars.  Estimated at $2.5m per chair and $1M for visiting scholars, which should offset annual operational costs of programs.

Goal/Assessment Metric

Offset operational budget costs for program chair salaries and expenses.