Master of Business Administration in Marin

The Marin location is an addition to the stellar MBA program at University of Redlands. Our MBA program is recommended by 95%+ of our graduates who commended the quality, value, curriculum, faculty and impact. Each year, our students tell us that they would recommend or refer others to our MBA program. With the new location in Marin, our MBA program is even more accessible.

Not only are we trusted by our 30,000 graduates, we are also valued by hundreds of employers who recommend our MBA program to employees and hire our graduates. Our great reputation made us a top-5 graduate school in terms of the number of MBAs bestowed in Southern California each year.

Why an MBA from the Redlands School of Business in Marin

The MBA program in Marin will help you gain skills that you can apply to your current position or future opportunities immediately and knowledge that take you to the next level of your career. You will learn to articulate clearly, solve problems efficiently and distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

What we do that’s more valuable than teaching skills and knowledge as well as bringing your career to the next level is nurturing leaders ready to navigate today’s complex business challenges in socially and ethically responsible ways. Our MBA curriculum will teach you 10 of the most sought-after 21st Century Business Skills and the importance of practicing Purposeful Leadership.

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During your MBA program in Marin, you will learn to think critically, communicate effectively and work collaboratively to identify business opportunities and achieve business goals in ethical ways. We will prepare you to address a broad range of business problems in finance, organizational change, human resources, strategy and ethics. The experience will pose you as a confident leader when you sail through today’s technology driven, complex global business environment.

Our intimate class size encourages collaboration, networking and diverse discussion during seminars, lectures, case analyses, online exercises and group activities. Beyond these class formats, our program ventures beyond the traditional classroom and provides ample opportunities for students to be hands-on with real-world business problems and scenarios starting the first class or two. Our students have had access to corporate partnerships with prominent public, private and non-profit organizations.

Our short-stay study abroad/immersive networking programs is highly sought-after and eligible for course credit. Our students travel to a different country, learn about the country’s culture and economy and visit up to 10 businesses in that country. Student solve business problems for a selected organization with their peers and gain exposure to the diverse business world we live in today. What’s more, as a graduate of the MBA in Marin program, you will be able to join these programs as often as you want for life!

The MBA program at University of Redlands is unique in that our specialization in spatial business (Location Analysis) is not offered anywhere else. We partner with a global leader in location analysis, Esri, and created this program that provides unparalleled expertise, access and mentorship.

Flexibility and customization to suit you

 Our students come from a diverse set of industries and experiences, but they share a common desire to be better and create opportunities for themselves. We strive to make their learning experience convenient and fruitful by accommodating to our students’ busy schedule. At the MBA program in Marin, we provide a hybrid of online and on-campus courses, and fully online. We also offer 4 concentrations if you would like to focus on a certain aspect of business and deep dive in Global Business, Marketing, Finance and Location Analysis.

If you choose our online or hybrid form of learning, you will interact with your professors and peers through online discussions and teamwork assignments. We encourage an active atmosphere of community and engagement, and our faculty that provides online courses is the same superior faculty that provides our on-the-ground program.

We make getting your MBA degree attainable by offering financial aid for those who demonstrate financial need, as well as offering tuition discounts through hundreds of employers and offering an outstanding tuition discount to active military personnel. If you would like to see if you are eligible for financial aid, please contact Student Financial Services at 909-748-8047 or