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Terry Reed

Director of Information Security
Information Technology Service

Terrence Reed


Willis Center
P: 909.748.8318

Enterprise Services

The Enterprise Services unit supports the University of Redlands technology infrastructure and support services. Enterprise Services comprises of four groups, Systems Management, Network Management, Telecommunication Services, and Technology Support Services


Systems Management consists of two areas, Systems Operations and Solutions Architecture and Engineering. Systems Operations supports the daily server operations and maintenance of the University’s 150+ servers, and is managed by Wes Head, Associate Director of Enterprise Services. Solutions Architecture and Engineering supports research, design, and implementation of technical solutions for the University and is managed by Chris Kincaid, Associate Director of Solutions Architecture and Engineering.


Network Management supports the operations, maintenance, and research and development of the University’s network infrastructure consisting of 200+ network devices throughout the Redlands campus and seven regional campuses. Network Management is also managed by Wes Head.


Telecommunications Services supports the University’s telephone and communication infrastructure throughout the Redlands campus and seven regional campuses. Telecommunications Services is managed by Victor Jakaitis, Communications Manager.


Technology Support Services, formerly known as the Help Desk or User Services, supports end-user computing and technology for the University. The new Technology Support Services name reflects ITS’ renewed focus on providing proactive technology support to all users in the University community. Technology Support Services will report to Wes Head and is managed by Tim Gessner, Technology Support Services Manager.