Get Started with Microsoft Teams


This document describes how to find and use the Microsoft Teams app from your web browser, and how to set up Microsoft Teams the first time you log in.


  • Faculty or Staff campus email account
  • Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, the latest version of Chrome, or the latest version of Firefox. Safari is not currently supported.

Using Microsoft Teams

Find Microsoft Teams in your Campus Email Account

  1. Log in to your Faculty or Staff campus email with your Username and Password
  2. Click the Microsoft Apps box at the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Find and select the Teams app in the list of Microsoft Apps.
  4. Your first time opening the app you will be asked to create your first team:
    1. Enter a team name
    2. Enter a brief description of your team
    3. Choose a Privacy setting
    4. Click Create team
  5. In the next screen, add coworkers to your team:
    1. Enter the name of your desired teammate
    2. Select your teammate from the dropdown
    3. Click Add
  6. When finished adding team members, click Done.
  7. Click through the next few screens to start using Microsoft Teams.

Using Microsoft Teams

Click the corresponding tab at the left of the screen to access each section:

  1. Activity Tab Your recent notifications, such as likes, mentions, and chat replies, will show up here in the Activity tab.
  2. Chat Tab Start chats with your coworkers, including voice calls, video calls, and sharing files.
  3. Teams Tab View and chat with your Teams and create new teams.
  4. Meetings Tab View your upcoming Outlook meetings.
  5. Files Tab View and access your OneDrive files.