1. How do I print to a kiosk?

    You can print to the kiosk directly through your laptop, or mobile device, attach your document via email and print, print directly from the cloud. Click here to review how to print using various options. https://sites.redlands.edu/its/about-us/acits/instructional-technology/kiosk-printing/

  2. Do I have to log on to a computer to print?

    No, you can send your print job directly via email, or through the cloud. Click here to review the various printing options: https://sites.redlands.edu/its/about-us/acits/instructional-technology/kiosk-printing/

  3. What devices can I print from?

    You can print from any device – PC, MAC, Mobile.

  4. Which kiosk printer can I print to?

    Being cloud-based, you can send your print job (from anywhere) and pick up your print job at any of the kiosk printers.

  5. Can I send a print job from off campus, and pick it up on a device at the campus?

    Yes, you can send a print job from your dorm, or your home, or anywhere around the world, and pick up your prints at any of the device at the main or any of the regional campuses.

  6. What happens to my Papercut account?

    All Papercut accounts have been cancelled, and each student has been provided with a WEPA account.
  7. How much printing credit do I get each year on my WEPA account?

    Each student received a $10.00 credit on their WEPA account, each year.

  8. Does my yearly WEPA print credit get rolled over to the next year?


  9. What happens if I run out of my $10.00 printing credit?

    Students can add credits to their WEPA account using a credit card, Venmo, or Paypal. See the following URL: http://support.wepanow.com/how-do-i-add-money-to-my-wepa-account/

  10. Can I print at other campuses?

    Yes, you can print at any location that offers WEPA printers.

  11. Can parents and guests print to the kiosk printers?

    Yes, anyone can print to the WEPA printers by emailing their print jobs.