Some Moodle Discussion Forums or Assignments might ask you to submit videos in Moodle.

To create a video, you can record in a variety of ways:

  • Directly in Kaltura
  • Photo Booth (Mac)
  • Camera app (Windows 10 or later)
  • smartphone

Then you can upload your video into the Moodle Discussion Forum by clicking the Embed Kaltura Media icon (instructions below).

Record using Kaltura:

To record directly with Kaltura:

  1. Click Kaltura Capture.
  2. Then click the big red Record button.

Other Options:

You can also record using:

  • Photo Booth (Mac)
  • Camera app (Windows 10 or later)
  • smartphone

Add a Video to a Discussion Post:

In Moodle:

  1. In the toolbar/ribbon, click the Embed Kaltura Media icon.
  2. Click Add New and choose Media Upload.KalturaCapture.png
  3. Locate your recorded/saved video and click Open (or just double click on the video).
  4. Click Save and Embed.
  5. On the Preview page, click Embed.

Add Closed Captions:

To add or edit closed captions:

  1. Click Actions (bottom right).
  2. Click Captions Requests.
  3. Click Order (the turnaround time for captions can take up to 30 Minutes).
  4. Once closed captions are available, you'll need to correct them for accuracy. Click Captions Requests.
  5. Click the Pencil icon to edit.
  6. Then click Save when you made all the necessary changes.