General Quick Guide

Accessing MyRedlands

First login into MYREDLANDS

Step 1: Open your internet browser and in the address location, type:

Step 2: Your will be prompted with a window asking you to enter your User name and Password. Type

your full Redlands email address. (

Step 3: Type in your Redlands Password

Step 4: Click on Sign in




Go to MyRedlands Login

MyRedlands Navigation

The MyRedlands dashboard gives you access to all available UoR resources. 

The dashboard displays featured links that can be accessed in the horizontal navigation bar. 

The dashboard can be organized according to your preference.

Accessing Email


Once you are logged into the myRedlands Portal, your email will automatically be accessible for viewing. 


You will not be required to login again. 

Step 1: Click on University of Redlands Office 365 Webmail 

Step 2: Inbox will open

Login to Email

Accessing Moodle

Step 1: Click on your course under Moodle – Classes and Organizations

Step 2: Moodle will open

Step 3: Click on the course you wish to view

Login into Moodle

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