Introducing Cloud-based Printing

Picture of a Wepa Print Station at the University of Redlands

Students can now print directly from OneDrive and Moodle using any of the Wepa Print Stations (Kiosks) on campus.

The cloud-hosted Wepa printers will offer among other features, the ability to print color duplex printing on all printers. Students can send their print jobs to the Wepa Print Network and retrieve them from any Wepa Print Station on campus, without needing access to a computer lab to print.  

How to Print from the Cloud

Printing to a Wepa Print Station is easy! Whether you use OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive:

  1. Swipe your Student ID to login to any Wepa Print Station.
  2. Select your cloud service and login.
  3. Select your document.
  4. Print.

How to Print from your Mac or PC

Want to print from your dorm or at home? Downloading the Wepa Print Driver will allow you to pickup your documents from any Wepa Print Station on campus!

  1. Download and install the Wepa Print Driver at (Select the University of Redlands as your school.)
  2. Print your document to wepa BW or wepa Color. (Color printing is more expensive so use the Black and White option when you can.)
  3. Swipe your Student ID at any Wepa Print Station to release your document for printing.


Every academic year, each student will be credited $10.00 into their Wepa Printing account. Students can also pay with a credit card, directly to Wepa.

Printing Rates Per Page




Black & White