University of Redlands

LastPass Announcement

The University of Redlands is pleased to offer LastPass for all Faculty, Staff, and Students. Beginning November 1st, faculty and staff will receive an email invitation from LastPass <> to establish an Enterprise LastPass account to securely store university-related passwords. Enterprise accounts use your RedlandsID to login. Once your account has been configured, you will need to install the LastPass browser extension to login. If you would like to activate your LastPass license before November 1st, please submit a request here: Self-Service Portal.

University employees are also eligible for a LastPass Families account (for the duration of employment with the University). During the registration process, you will be given the option to register for LastPass Families. LastPass Families gives an account for management of personal passwords and the ability to add 5 additional users to the family plan.  For additional information on LastPass Families, please visit LastPass Account Type and Eligibility : University of Redlands Tech Support Portal. The LastPass Families account must use a personal, non-Redlands email address. Please note, master passwords for your families account cannot be recovered by the University of Redlands.

Students will receive a LastPass Premium license, valid for the duration of your time here at the university. To claim your license, visit the Student Portal. Your Redlands email address is required to verify your status as a University of Redlands student. Use of a personal email account (such as,, etc.) is required to create the account.  Upon termination of your time here with the University, your account will transition to a free account.  University of Redlands will not have access to any of the information stored in your personal account. Please note, master passwords for your personal account cannot be recovered by the University of Redlands.

For additional information regarding the University’s offering of LastPass, please visit our support portal: University of Redlands Tech Support Portal