University of Redlands

International Student Housing

  Monthly Rent Annual Cost Deposit/First Payment Amount
One person per two-bedroom apartment $1808 $19,888 $7232
Two people per two-bedroom apartment $909 $9,999 $3636
Three people per two-bedroom apartment $700 (single room) $7,700


Three people per two-bedroom apartment $554 (double room) $6094


University Housing

A student may choose to live in University of Redlands housing or find housing in one of the many apartment buildings close to campus. The University owns and manages an apartment complex, the Central Avenue Apartments, adjacent to and within a four minute walk to campus for the use of our GIS, 1-year MBA and MSIT students.There are limited spaces available for international students in the 1-year MBA and MSIT program in campus housing.


  • Apartments are furnished, and most are 2-bedroom apartments, with kitchens, shared by 2 to 3 students.
  • Students may prepare their own meals or purchase meals on campus in our state-of-the-art dining facility offering non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals.
  • Students may use University shuttles for transportation into town for shopping, movies, restaurants, etc.
  • Students must provide a down payment prior to arrival if they wish to secure housing.
  • Students who are interested in university housing must indicate their preference on the International Student Supplement, which is part of the online application for admission. Again, housing is limited so they must let the university know well in advance in order to secure housing.