University of Redlands

Video and audio production equipment may be checked out by members of the University community with an active University email address.

Please note that some equipment requires training to check out and use.

Step 1: Decide what equipment you want

Step 2: Determine the dates and times that you'd like to check out and return the equipment. Borrowing periods must usually be limited to 1-3 days to be approved.

Step 3: If you want to use a mobile device to request equipment, download Microsoft's "PowerApps" app (iOS or Android). Click on "MPC Equipment Reservations" (with the movie camera icon).

If you want to use a computer, you can use THIS LINK:

Step 4: Using the app or the web interface:

Click "+" to make a new order

Select your Start Time (equipment pickup) and End Time (equipment return). Remember that our usual hours are from 8am-5pm, unless you've made a special arrangement.

"Search Equipment" for what you want. Be aware that you can "Display Single Equipment" OR "Display Packages and Bundles," such as cameras that come with a microphone included, etc. 

***To help you search, refer to the Equipment Inventory List [click button at right] to find keywords.***

Check your cart; "View Equipment" to verify that you have everything you need; then, hit the "Submit" button in the top right of the app, then "Submit" on the subsequent page. 

An email will be sent to you from It will say, "We have received your order submission and we will be reviewing it."

You will receive an email confirming or denying your request, possibly with a note from the Admin. Remember, we work from 8am-5pm, so please don’t expect correspondence outside of those hours.

Step 5: Be on time for your equipment pickup appointment. **Anticipate and plan how you're going to carry all of the equipment you've reserved.**


Step 6: Inspect all of the equipment for damage or missing parts before you leave the premises, and ask Staff to make a note in your reservation of any pre-existing damage or missing parts. You will be charged for any missing or damaged pieces unless they're recorded in advance by Staff.

Step 7: Once you've confirmed that your order is complete, click on "Confirm Delivery" in the app.

Step 8: The app will present you with the Borrowing Agreement. After you read it, if you accept the terms, press "Accept." You will receive another email from MPC, this time confirming that you have accepted the delivery of equipment.

Step 9: Shoot your project -- then bring back the equipment intact at your scheduled return time. Staff will inspect the equipment and check it back in.