Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services Team

Luis Garcia

Audio Visual Services Manager

Alivia Rogers

Audio Visual Services Systems Engineer

Where to find us


Armacost Library
1st Floor, LIB 175

Audio Visual Services provides and supports AV Technology at the University of Redlands


Media Services maintains an inventory of portable audio visual and computer equipment for use on campus.  Please call or email us if you have questions about what equipment we can provide.


We are located on the north side of the Armacost Library, LIB 175. Enter through the right set of double doors.

Regular Office Hours

Monday through Friday—8 a.m. to 5 p.m -- during which all requests will be processed and Audio Visual Services administrative staff will be available. Audio Visual Services observes all University staff holidays.

Scheduled Event Support Hours

Monday – Friday: 8am – 10pm

Saturday: 8am – 10pm

Extended Hours 

(Weekends/Before 8am/After 10pm) Please note that requests are accepted on a limited basis and require a minimum of 14 business days notice in order to schedule staff. Advance notice does not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request, but it allows the AV team time to explore other options if necessary.

Request Equipment / Service

*Requests require at least 14 business days advance notice for events for all 25Live reservations*

Please also note that:

  • Reservations are made on a “first come, first serve” basis.
  • When making a reservations on 25Live, it will display availability of our inventory. Final availability and approval of resources will be determined by the Audio Visual Services Manager based on factors that include, but are not limited to staffing, proper equipment resource availability, and weather conditions. 

Requests Made for Special Events

If you are planning an event on campus that requires audio and/or visual technology, you will be asked to describe your needs when you make your reservation with the office of Event Services. If additional details or explanations are required, the Audio Visual Manager will follow up with the event contact listed on the reservation. Reservations that simply say "TBD" will not be honored.

Events that require large scale audio or video systems or are located outdoors [e.g. Concerts, Movie Nights etc.] will need to be submitted at least 21 business days before your event and have been approved by the Audio Visual Services Manager. This is to ensure that we have the equipment and personnel available to ensure the success of your event. Events submitted less than 14 business days prior to the event will be denied.

Approval or denial of an event is based on, but not limited to, timely submission of resource requests, staffing availability, proper equipment availability, and weather conditions.


Please note that:

  • Audio Visual Services can only support technology that is owned by the university.
  • Due to the wide array of technology available, Audio Visual Services cannot guarantee the compatibility of Audio Visual Services-owned equipment with technology from other sources (including personal laptop computers, tablets, adapters, cameras, etc).

Livestream Tiers and Requirements 

*Requests for livestreams require at least 20 business days advance notice*

Below are the livestream tiers, please note that not all clients are eligible for all tiers. Presidential events, historical events, and others that have a demonstrable viewership will take first priority. All livestreams are subject to approval from both the Audio Visual Services Manager and well as the Audio Visual Services Systems Engineer.

Tier VIP Livestream

Multi-camera stream, with in-person video & audio engineers. Charges associated with VIP Tier assigned through contract with client. In addition to the Tier 1 specifications and equipment, AVS will provide lower thirds, with client templates used for those and additional graphics/transitions. VIP includes the availability of Remote Presenters. Inclusion of these stipulate additional charges, to be detailed within the contract. All services rendered will be performed by full time staff members from the Audio Visual Services Staff.

Tier 1 Livestream

Multi-camera stream, with in-person video & audio engineers. Charges associated with Tier 1 assigned through contract with client. Minimum equipment includes (but is not limited to) professional streaming rig, full HD cameras, video switching, and more. Tier 1 streams include ability for remote presenters. All services rendered will be performed by full time staff members from the Audio Visual Services Staff.

Tier 2 Livestream

Livestream or VTC with a single camera setup. If the room has an existing audio system, audio is fed to the stream from in-house microphones. In lieu of a built-in system, use of a single external microphone will be substituted so as to provide local area sound capture. Camera requirements must meet a professional camera tier or above, left to the discretion of the AVS staff. Tier 2 productions commit a single staff member to setup/operate/strike streams. 

Tier 3 Livestream

Streams for any platform. Camera must at minimum meet a webcam tier or above. Camera assignment left to the discretion of the AVS Manager/Systems Engineer. Audio will consist of built-in audio systems already within the space. In lieu of a built-in audio system in the space, the AVS staff will use the onboard camera microphones. No staff will be committed to Tier 3 streams. Once the system is operational, client will be in charge of the stream and of communicating with the AVS team about any issues.