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Livestream Tiers, Pricing, and Requirements

*Requests for livestreams require at least 20 business days advance notice*

  • All livestreams are subject to approval from the Audio Visual Services Manager and Audio Visual Services Systems Engineer. They are also variable depending on event timing, staff availability, and scheduled event space. 
  • Video Conferencing will incur an additional 20% fee due to increasing complexity, equipment needs, and extra labor hours.

Tier 3 - Starting at $500

  • Basic setup, in-room audio and basic camera.
  • No staff allocated to support beyond setting up the equipment needed.
  • One camera shot on speaker.
  • No platform support.
  • Sharing the screen of presentation (if applicable) will be up to the client.
  • Only available at this price in select spaces.

Tier 2 - Starting at $1000

  • In-room audio, higher quality camera than Tier 3.
  • One staff member allocated to help during the event, primarily with moving the camera to focus on other participants, or help presenter(s) if needed.
  • Only available at this price in select spaces.

Tier 1 -  Starting at $7,000

  • Multiple camera set up.
  • Multiple committed staff members.
  • Professional streaming rig.
  • Managed tie-in for presentation audio/video/powerpoint/etc.
  • Remote presenters.

VIP - Starting at $12,000

  • Graphics and/or lower thirds and/or picture in picture.
  • Audio engineer on-site
  • Stream engineer on-site

Custom – Consultation Only

  • Tailored to Client’s exact needs and space


*The AVS Team is available via the bookings link to discuss livestreams and any other event needs or requests*