One Button Studio

The One Button Studio is modeled after a traditional film studio. The OBS includes a camcorder, professional fixed lighting, an anchored ceiling microphone and a reflective background which can be utilized as a green or blue screen. The OBS was created to simplify the entire film making process by remotely controlling all of the filming elements with the touch of a button. 

To use the OBS:

The One Button Studio is located in the Armacost Library in the new Center for Digital Learning and Innovation room #112.

User Instructions: 

Insert your flash drive into the hub.

Push the button, and wait for the countdown.

When you are finished, push the button again.

Wait for the indication that your flash drive is ready to be removed. Your video will then be compressed into a convenient mp4 format and will be ready for use.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 9.00.03 PM.png