Moodle Calendar

The Calendar in Moodle can help you stay organized and plan your time. The calendar in 3.9 offers some new options to filter its content. These filters help you control what you can see in the calendar, making it easier to plan.

To access the calendar in Moodle seleect Calendar from the menu on the left hand side. This would bring you to the current month calendar.


From here you can use filters to show or hide information.

Key Events filtering - In the Event Key box you can filter bassed on the type of event on the calender. You do this by solecting the link of the type of event you would like to show or hide.

event key.JPG

View Filtering - You can also filter the view to show events on a Month calendar, Day calendar, or just as a list of Upcoming Events. Changing this view can be near the top of the page.

view filtering.JPG

Course Filture - The last filter option is the Course filter. Using this option, you can choose to only see calendar activities for a select course.
course filter.JPG