Adding Videos to Moodle

There are other softwares you can use to record your videos, but Kaltura is provided and supported by the university. In addition to screen recording, Kaltura automatically adds closed captioning to your videos with about 85% accuracy. While this service is excellent for supporting our students, the automated captioning makes the most frequent errors with proper nouns, such as "Redlands".

The most common videos may appear in Moodle Discussion Forums and Assignments. In a page or discussion post, you can create your video either by:

Option 1: Record Outside of Kaltura

If you recorded a video in Photo Booth (Mac), the "Camera" app (Windows), or on your smartphone (if you have one), you can add it directly into a Moodle discussion forum, page, or assignment. To upload your video:

  1. Click the Embed Kaltura Media icon Kaltura logo.png on the toolbar ribbon.
  2. Click Add New
    Add New.PNG
  3. Choose Media Upload.
    Media Upload.PNG
  4. Locate your recorded/saved video and click Open (or just double click on the video).
  5. Click Save and Embed.
  6. On the Preview page, click Embed.

Option 2: Record in Kaltura

If you want to record your screen or simply record a video directly into Kaltura, you can do that too. To record your video, first navigate to the location you would like to add it to, then:

  1. Click the Embed Kaltura Media icon Kaltura logo.png on the toolbar ribbon.
  2. Click Add New 
    Add New.PNG
  3. Choose Kaltura Capture.
    Kaltura Capture.PNG
  4. If you don’t have Kaltura installed, you’ll need to install it. Click Download for Windows or Download for Mac.
    Download Kaltura.PNG
  5. After installing it, press the Back button on the pop-up window.
  6. Choose Kaltura Capture again
    Kaltura Capture.PNG
  7. A dialogue box may appear. Choose Open Kaltura Capture.
    Open Kaltura Capture.PNG
  8. Select which screens you would like recorded, then press the red record button.
  9. During your video, you can annotate by clicking the pencil icon.
  10. Click Stop when finished recording.
    Stop Recording in Menu.PNG
  11. Click Yes, Stop it.Stop Recording.PNG
  12. Click Save and Upload.
    Save and Upload.PNG
  13. Return to your pop-up window titled “The Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder” and press Back (upper-left).
  14. Refresh the list (upper-right).
    Refresh the List.PNG
  15. Click arrow on the Select button (to the left of the video) and choose Large.
    Choose Player Size.PNG
  16. On the Preview page, click Embed.