Printing around Campus.

ITS has worked to place printers around campus. These printers can be used at no cost to the students and utilize the papercut printing system. To configure your device to print, click here: PaperCut Mobility Printing setup and follow the documentation for your device. You must be connected to the Campus network to access the setup page. 


To Print through Web Print:

  1. Click "Print" above
  2. In the new window, log into the application using RedlandsID (first_last)
  3. Click on Web Print on the left side of the window
    1. If you are on a mobile device, you will need to select 'User Desktop Site' to continue.
  4. Click Submit Job
  5. Select Printer from the list and click "Print Options and Account Selection"
  6. Click "Upload Documents"
  7. Select file to print 
  8. Click 'Upload & Complete
  9. Once Status shows "Finished: Queued for printing", document will be ready at the printer shortly.

For more detailed instructions, please see: PaperCut Wireless Printing


Currently printers are located with more locations coming:

  • Hunsaker Lobby
  • Commons Lobby
  • ResNet (Gallery Building)