The Liberal Arts Inquiry Writing Requirements - New Students

The CAS Writing Requirements recognize the role of writing across the curriculum, in all majors and programs. We know our students will write for many purposes at U of R as well as beyond, so we designed three areas of writing development to support you: Writing Foundations, Research Writing, and Writing in the Disciplines.

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Research Writing and Writing in the Disciplines

Research Writing (WR) and Writing in the Disciplines (WD)  are usually part of 200- to 400-level courses, and are completed by taking any course with the appropriate designation. WR courses also fulfill the Information and Media Literacy Introduction (IMLI) requirement. We encourage you to take a WD course related to your degree or your professional goals.

Writing Foundations

Writing Foundations (WF) is a little different. The details of this requirement are tailored to your specific goals and experiences when you join the Redlands community. The courses you take for this requirement should be completed within your first year.

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Start Personalizing your WF

Take Survey

Tailoring your Writing Foundation

The Writing Foundations requirement is an important resource for student success at the University of Redlands, as writing is expected in nearly every class. We recognize that writing is personal, and that your writing and reading experiences cannot be accurately captured by a test score.

To personalize your Writing Foundations, we collaborate with you to understand how our writing program can best build on your experiences and support your goals. Entering first-year and transfer students will take a survey about their experiences with reading, writing, and research; read descriptions of course options in Writing Foundations; and discuss their results with a writing faculty member to determine their individual Writing Foundations requirements. 

The mandatory survey can be accessed here. The survey should take about 15 minutes.

At the end of the survey, you will find a link to make an appointment with writing faculty to discuss your survey and the Writing Foundations options. You’ll confirm your Writing Foundations path during this consultation.

Once you choose a path, the courses become part of your graduation requirements.

More Information

This is a new process, and we are interested in your feedback. If you have any questions during the process or would like to share your experience with the process so we can continue to improve, please contact the Chair of Writing.

For more information or to apply to count previous work to fulfill your WF requirement, please contact the Chair of Writing.