French Placement

Students must complete a mandatory Foreign Language (FL) graduation requirement.  Language placement for FRENCH varies and is based upon past experience (in class, at home, or abroad) and test scores.  Follow the steps bellow to guide you through the Language placement process. Please complete the language placement process in a timely manner to ensure you can register in the language courses of your choosing. 

*If you are a transfer student, please review the "My Progress" section in Self Service to verify if your language requirement has been fulfilled.

If you have questions, please write 


Step 1: Your Experience

I have had NO experience in French from class, home, or abroad.

Register for French 101.

Your Placement is Completed.

I have experience in a French from class, home, or abroad.

Use this link to the WebCAPE placement test, select French, take the test, get your score and return to this page. The test will take approximately 30 minutes.

Continue To Step 2.


Step 2: Score Translation

Follow the instructions bassed on your WebCape score

Score  Under 166
 Equal to or Above 166


Register for French 101 Schedule an oral assessment by emailing