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October 29, 2019

There has never been a time where IT professionals has had so many things to keep in mind such as IoT technologies, location analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to cyber security vulnerabilities, evolving malware and ransomware, and audit compliance. It’s understandable that every aspect of Information Technology has a security factor in need of consideration by everyone involved.

The vision of this Summit is to educate everyone by continuing the discussion of information technology drivers in this ever-changing landscape. Join us for our first Tech Summit to learn about the latest in technology, data management, and cyber security as well as an opportunity to network with your peers.

Enjoy breakfast and lunch as well as some great speakers as this Summit will have multiple breakout sessions that fall into one of the three learning tracks below:



Additional Speakers

Steve Garcia CIO | University of Redlands


Andrew DiCosmo CTO | Blackspoke

Randy Lack, Manager-Americas | Dell Technologies

Todd Croupe, Consigliere of Mobile Solutions| HPE-Aruba 


Meghna Misra VP of Product | Pure Storage


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Orton Conference Center

The University of Redlands Technology Summit will be held inside the Orton Conference Center. Centrally located on campus, the center provides convenient parking and comfortably accommodates 300+ people.

At a glance

Interesting Cyber Security Statistics

"Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world"

-Ginni Rommety, CEO - IBM, New York - September 2015


  • 455 Cybersecurity incidents in 2017 in the educational sector alone.
  • 780,000 Records lost per day in 2018 due to cyber crime
  • 90% Of hackers use encryption to hide their tracks
  • 7 Average number of Internet-connected devices by a college student
  • 64% Of Americans are willing to pay a ransom to get their data back
  • 1244 Average number of data breaches in 2018 in the US
  • 4,000 Ransomware attacks occur every day
  • 41% Of people globally cannot properly identify a phishing email

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