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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Faculty

View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Faculty page. There you will find information on which is the best browser to use with Moodle (especially with the gradebook), how to add/remove students, how to make a course available to students, add a picture to your profile, the School of Business course deletion process, and more.

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Useful Blocks: Activity Results, Comments, Latest Announcements, Random Glossary Entry and Upcoming Events 

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Moodle Activities

An activity is a general name for a group of features in a Moodle course. Usually an activity is something that a student will do that interacts with other students and or the faculty member. When editing is turned on in your course, use the Add an activity drop-down menu to select an activity. Below is a list of the different activities, along with their resource links.

 Group Assignments: 

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