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Big Brother Hamlet is set in the rising ocean waters of 2036, the kingdom of Denmark is destabilized by corrupt leadership. Surveillance technology is used for control. A chorus of Hooded Watchers serve as "instruments of the state" projecting imagery as facts, evidence and knowledge. Body scanners, drones, and blades converge in this generational conflict as young Hamlet fights to know the truth and save the nation.

This 90 minute adaptation exhilarates, surprises and delivers a dramatic punch!

The cast and crew of over 20 drive the show with a biomechanical energy of inevitability. 

Professional Artists, Faculty and Student performers come together in this production partnership with Southern California’s University of Redlands, Esri, and ICTF and they pack a wallop!


Saturday, August 5th @ 13:15

Sunday, August 6th @ 13:15

Monday, August 7th @ 13:15

Wednesday, August 9th @ 13:15


BIG BROTHER HAMLET will rock you to the core and remind you why this is one of the greatest tales in Western Theatre.  Polonius and the Grave Diggers are funny as ever, and even though you probably already know the story, you'll be shocked at all the right places.  Plus the Chorus of Hooded Watchers theatricalize the ever-presentess of surveillance technology in the creepiest of ways.  The new leader, Claudius, integrates technology into every aspect of the island nation threatened by the rising sea levels in 2036. Elsinore struggles under inept leadership, and though surveillance technology gives the illusion of control, paranoia abounds. Throughout the play young Hamlet struggles to know the difference between facts and alternate facts.

BIG BROTHER HAMLET'S principle scenic element is computer projection mapping: a drone appears on stage and projects live audience images, onstage programmers take shifts at a laptop during the show, the projected ghost of Hamlet’s father moves and changes throughout the space, Hamlet’s journey to England is tracked as a blue dot on a map, and more.

Live and prerecorded projections, cell phones and cameras, lend the play its appearance of facts, evidence and knowledge. But some things are simply beyond our power.

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